Additional Features

Nightowl Service

CityFleet Business backs the Mayor of London's 'Safer Travel at Night' campaign with our free NightOwl service, available upon request to anyone booking one of our Black Cabs.

NightOwl is a service whereby your driver will wait until you have safely entered your front door before driving away. The service has proved enormously popular for late night travellers, especially lone females.


Cabcharge is an account billing and management information service, which helps to control taxi expenditure and is available to all our customers at no extra charge.

The Cabcharge card is attached to the main customer taxi account; however, each card has its own unique account number and a four digit PIN which both have to be given at the time of booking.

The main Cabcharge benefits are:

  • Street hailed taxis appear on your monthly invoice
  • Full user control
  • Complete transparency of bookings
  • Improve data quality and management
  • Personal and corporate service via our Gemini Cabcharge card
  • Elevated status for senior members of staff
  • Security and identity unique to user
  • Personalised online booking for each user
  • Great potential to increase efficiency, revenues and margins
  • Additional bookings that can help keep your drivers productive

Our Cabcharge card allows you the ability to street hail, thus reducing any run-in and waiting time costs for licensed taxis and allowing full flexibility on the account. Business rules and individual profiling can be applied to each card to ensure the correct vehicle is available for each specific member of staff and is appropriate for that journey.

Gemini cards allow full user control by capturing, at the point of booking, whether the journey is a corporate or personal journey. For all personal bookings the individual would get billed directly and for all corporate bookings the company would be invoiced as normal. Gemini helps to identify true business spend and also eradicates any out of policy trips.