At CityFleet Business, corporate social responsibility is not just a casual slogan. It is an integral part of our make up – closely intertwined with everything that we do. Our guiding principle is simple: pursue benefits for both the business and the society concurrently. This two-pronged approach involves us finding ways to develop our business while creating a sustainable environment. In all that we do, we are constantly looking at ways in which we can help the communities we operate in to grow and flourish – in tandem with our business.

Since 2004, we have held the Environmental Management Standard certification ISO14001 and have been successfully recertified at every interval. We can also apply our expertise to advance clients’ travel policy, travel programme performance and carbon emission value and help our clients achieve sustained improvements in their environmental performance and reduce costs. We manage and improve our own environmental impact. Integrating good environmental management into our standard operating procedures gives us strong foundations, and some excellent local programmes are helping us to make further improvements.

We recently trialled zero emission taxis to carry fare-paying passengers in London. Carbon offsetting is another priority and our corporate social responsibility reach is global, we are very proud to have supported carbon reduction projects overseas.

We provide mandatory training and re-training to all of our drivers covering passenger assistance, customer care, disability awareness, safer driving and eco-driving tips.

Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

We are committed to improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking.

Please see link for our Policy Statement.

Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy Statement