Our Solution

With over 40 years of experience in the corporate market, CityFleet Business’s expertise consistently meets the growing demand for instantaneous and on-the-move travel booking.

Our new mobile app and online booking system interface ensures efficiency and continuity of service for our clients with state of the art technology, as well as providing a completely personalised booking experience that can be tailored to individual customer or account preferences.

Our London operation exemplifies CityFleet Business’s capabilities. We operate London’s largest combined fleet with over 2,500 Black Taxis, 100 Executive vehicles and 55 Coaches.

Our Booking System provides clients with access to over 110 vendors in London and hundreds more across the UK, all managed by a dedicated Vendor Management Team. The system processes 14,000 trips per day, a fully consolidated service for unlimited number of suppliers and journeys.

We can offer full individual profiling with the ability to tier by level, eg. Level X has access to Executive Class, Level Y to Standard Class, fully controllable along lines of mileage, postcode and individual.

Our dedicated London-based service delivery team monitoring key account bookings, 24/7 meaning clients always get the right vehicle for the right journey with all vehicle options available. Our clients have the assurance of our robust business continuity arrangements, supported across multiple sites with stringent data security.