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Working with a wide range of taxi, private hire vehicle and specialist transport operators, CityFleet Business partners form one of the largest networks in the ground transport industry.

We have helped many smaller operations grow to compete with larger transport providers and offer excellent service for some of the most important corporate clients in the country. We help our clients to select the operator that best fits their requirement.

You don’t need a large fleet or the world’s best despatch system to be considered. We can assist you develop your system to help you compete with the largest operators out there.

Benefits include

  • Access to some of the largest contracts
  • Grow your business by building up the work you cover
  • New business without the need to expand your operation/take on new staff etc
  • Well-set rates (fixed price and mileage) across the industry
  • Work around the clock in all regions
  • Simple web-based work distribution means you can start working in minutes (once accepted)

To enquire about joining our network please email:

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